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PLC and Safety Upgrades

The entire control system for the Dry Mill at Tuan has been re-designed to ensure both plant reliability and capability with current safety standards (Cat4). Additional scanning and optimizing equipment has also been installed to increase through put of the plant. This equipment was sourced from overseas and integrated into the existing plant by our technicians.
ICA has again played a major role in the design and documentation of the electrical and control systems for the plant. Our technicians were involved with the site installation, testing commissioning and programming of new PLC systems throughout the plant.



Hyne Timber is a leader in technology implementation, product development and quality control, with a world class manufacturing capacity and environmental standards.
We were employed by Hyne Timber to design, supply, install and commission a new electrical control system (replacing the old hydraulic system) on the Coastal Planer
and materials handling plant at their Tuan Softwood Mill. ICA’s scope included initial design, engineering and documentation, supply of all electrical components including MCC’s, PLC’s instrumentation and VFDrives. ICA’s scope also included supervision of the entire electrical installation. ICA technicians were responsible for programming and commissioning of all PLC and Safety Systems, SCADA packages and VF Drive systems.
Project Details

Client Hyne Timber
Skills Design, Safety, PLC, HMI

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